Bob Burton is planning to produce a 28-page magazine, along the lines of the very popular booklet he produced for the 60th Signy Reunion. With better technology, we are hoping it will be more lavish and be printed in colour. (It wasn’t worth the extra cost of colour-printing first time round because most of the photos were in B&W!)

The 2007 edition was a collection of anecdotes of activities and events at Signy. Most were of the ‘old days’ pre-1970 and only two covered the 21st century.  All contributions are of course welcome but it would be very interesting this time to have more articles about life at Signy post-1981 and particularly as it is lived now (i.e. in the last two decades). So, dig out your diaries, sort through the slides/image files, take inspiration from the gentleman to the right, and get writing.

Bob looks forward to receiving the resulting, superbly illustrated articles via either:

Email  – or

Snail mail –  63 Common Lane, Hemingford Abbots, Huntingdon, PE28 9AW.