It is planned to have an exhibition of eclectic items about Signy Island, its people, its research and life at the station. Generations of Fids have lived and worked the island and there must be a large amount of memorabilia amongst the clatch of these Fids. We appeal to all Signyites to search their attics, sheds, desks, pit rooms or wherever else this material may be lurking and bring it along to make a Signy Exhibition Extraordinaire!

Items of interest would be photos of base winterers (and the summer complement), maps (real or fictional), paintings, sketches, mid-winter presents, winter jolly routes, stamps, photographs, books, diaries and any quirky items that you can find.

As part of the exhibition we plan to provide at least one slide projector to enable folk to show slides of their time at Signy (maximum10 slides per individual) and a Powerpoint projector for digital images.  We also hope to make the recordings of Signy Fids, collected by BAS Archives in recent years, available for reunion participants to play.

All material will be returned to their owners at the end of the Reunion unless donated.

+++  It will help to plan the exhibition space if Fids could let Bill Block know, before the Reunion, the approximate bench or demo board space required.

+++  Bill can be contacted at and he will be pleased to discuss any special requirements for your exhibit.